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1. Orange County Choppers has a distinctive company logo. What is the design of their logo?


A. It is a picture of one of their custom bikes

B. It says "Mikey RULES at OCC!"

C. The letters OCC incorporated into the shape of a motorcycle

D. Paul Sr.'s face



2. Orange County Choppers came about as a side business to Paul Sr.'s iron working company. The name of the iron working company was what?


A. Teutul Ironworks

B. Orange County Ironworks

C. Iron Designs, Inc.

D. Teutul and Sons, Inc.


3. Which of the following are in the correct order from oldest to youngest of Paul Sr.'s children?


A. Paul Jr., Danny, Michael, Kristin

B. Kristin, Michael, Danny, Paul Jr.

C. Michael, Paul Jr., Kristin, Danny

D. Paul Jr., Danny, Kristin, Michael


4. When the Orange County Choppers Show Room and Retail Store was founded, where was it located?

A. Rock Tavern, NY

B. Montgomery, NY

C. Walden, NY

D. Maybrook, NY


5. Vincent (Vinnie) DiMartino is one of the chief fabricators for Orange County Choppers. When he was younger he worked for his father. What sort of business did his father own?

A. A golf course

B. Supermarket

C. Tractor supply store

D. Ice cream parlor


6. After working a series of jobs in Arizona, Mikey Teutul returned to OCC. What was his reason for returning from Arizona?


A. He missed being part of the family business

B. Arizona's weather was too hot for him

C. He liked New York better than Arizona

D. His money ran out


7. One of the OCC guys admits to a past struggle with drugs and alcohol. Which of the guys is it?


A. Paul Sr.

B. Nick

C. Paul Jr.

D. Earl


8. Despite seeming to always be at odds with each other, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. have similar interests. What have both of them been quoted as having an interest in?


A. Reading classic novels

B. Old black and white films

C. Decorating for Halloween

D. Blondes, brunettes and redheads


9. The custom paint jobs of OCC bikes really are impressive. Who was the artist at JB Grafix who does such amazing work for OCC?


A. Justin Barnes

B. Justin Black

C. James Barnes

D. James Black



10. What has Mikey Teutul been quoted as saying his dream vacation would be?


A. "To spend a week at Disneyland"

B. "To go to Hawaii and get hit on by women in grass skirts"

C. "To go to Hawaii and surf"

D. "To stay in a cabin up in the mountains in the winter"


11. When was OCC founded? And what was the first theme bike to come out of OCC?

A. 1999 and the jet bike

B. 2000 and True blue

C. 1999 and Spiderman bike

D. 2001 and fire bike

12. How many bikes a year do OCC build?

A. 178

B. 120

C. 8

D. 150

13. What was the first bike build on the pilot episode?

A. Black widow

B. Jet bike

C. Fire bike

D. The Cody project bike


14. Where was the Comanche Bike debut at?

A. New York

B. Daytona

C. Myrtle beach

D. Sturgis


15. What kind of jobs has Mikey had?

A. Bouncer, busboy, telemarketer, valet-parking attendant and movie-theater guy

B. Telemarketer, cook, waiter, and shoe sell man

C. None

D. Grocery store clerk


16. What is Vinnie first love?

A. Bike building

B. Singing

C. Cars

D. Shopping

17. When did Vinnie start at OCC?

A. 1999

B. 2001

C. 2000

D. 2002

18. What color are Paulie’s eyes?

A. Brown

B. Blue

C. Green

D. Hazel

19. What channel is American Chopper on?

A. A&E


C, Discovery



20. What is the name of the American Chopper book?

A. American Chopper - Full Throttle

B. American Chopper- the series

C. OCC choppers

D. Bike Building OCC style

21. What is the name of Cody’s mom?

A. Darcy
B. Donna
C. Debbie
D. Dot

22. Cody just got a piercing, what did he get pierced?

A. Nose
B. Nipple
C. Labret
D. Eyebrow

23. Christian and Nick went to this school and Cody is getting ready to go there. What school is it?



24. Nick and Christian become friends and met in what year?

A. 1997
B. 2000
C. 2001
D. 1999

25. What’s the name of Christian’s pet rats?

A. Dill and Tommy

B. Tommy and Richard
C. Frick and Frack
D. Hip and Hop

26. What type of dog is Gus?

A. Mutt
B. Bull Mastiff

C. Boxer
D. Collie

27. During the Lance Armstrong bike, Rick got his hand caught in what machine?

A. Flowjet
B. Drill Press
C. Bike Lift
D. Solid Works

28. American Choppers has been shown on many magazines but one what in France?

A. Freeway
B. France
C. Photo
D. Living France

29. In 2002, OCC received the praises of what award?

A. American Iron as one of the world’s top twelve builders
B. None
C. American Steel as one of the top ten builders
D. American Plastic as the number one builder

30. What bike received the honors to be at the Rats Hole Custom Show in Daytona, Florida being chose as one of three bikes chosen in the world-class competition?

A. Jet
B. Comanche
C. Spider
D. Christmas