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Paulie Quotes



Throw a hissy fit, fine, thats great! (to his father when Sr is complaing about the tools being messy

We spend more time together than a married Couple (to his father)

your like a grumpy old bear sometimes (about his father)

top of the morning to you

[Paul Sr. enters the shop looking grumpy... ] Uh-oh, grizzly's out!

If you had a clue as to what you were talking about, you'd be dangerous!

They drill out the middle and then rip out the roots or something like that. It's all bloody and stuff. Can I come?

... money maker, rump shaka ...

I don't even care about building bikes anymore...I just wanna sing...and dance!



He yells at me off camera or on camera. It doesn't really matter.

Yeah, you don't need no days off, do ya Vin?

It's like gravy baby.

Son of a beached whale!

Son of a monkey!

That's it! I'm just gonna give up and freakin' go to Florida!

It's sick, right?

Sittin' pretty, New York City!

Hello wires!

What are you retarded?

Sometimes it's just easier to work around him, than it is to try and go through him. (about his dad)

Alien creature what are you doing?

Fer cryin' out loud!


I hope Vin appreciates this, because this is my first time roofing and I didnt enjoy the experience. (about building a roof)

He turned bright red! (about his dad)

He was like a kid on Christmas morning. (about his dad's 55th B-day present)

C'mon Pop, pretend it's Keith's face!

Cody, center-punch that and if you screw it up I'm gonna kill you.

(to Sr) Go back in the office and do nothing!


I'm totally un amused (to vinnie)

we should fire rick... now

keep walking punk


oh oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh oh
humming continues

dun dun da

I quit

man thats gravvy baby

thats butter if i've ever seen butter

some nice lip color action (about getting make up done before the leno show)

Vance! (to Vinnie)



did you smoke something first think this morning? (to Sr when he gives Paulie a ridiculous deadline)

Mikey where's Don? Did Don die?

We thought you died and your head fell off ( about don the delivery man)

Come on you little Monkey

(to sr about serving in the volleyball game vs OCIW)
you were serving like you were tripping over your skirt!

Vin hurry, I can't hold the dam much longer.