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Paul Sr Quotes


The President is here (about Paulie when Paulie came into work late and didn't see a problem with that)

Come over here and stand in front of me so I can hit you in the back of the head.

That seat's gonna look ridiculous with just a picture of me on it.

[Talking about the Firebike] It's not just an Orange County Chopper, it's a New York City Chopper.

[Paul Sr. gives Cody the Old School chopper] I think that the difference between that bike and this bike is that... this bike is yours.

"When Mikey stepped up there and started plinking those disks, I-COULNDT-BELIEVE- IT!!!

Quit stealing my idears.

It's like workin' with the 'tree' stooges... only there's six of them!

That really gripes my ass!

Ever since we came back from Laconia, Paulie thinks he's something else with his new girlfriend, new car, and new freaking Gucci watch or whatever kind of watch that is!

Numb nuts.

No one listens to my idears.

What was, was, and what is is is, and this what is... is what's happening right now.

If it wasn't for me nothin would get done around here.

Never seems to run out of uses for his size twelves.

You're over there draggin' ass when you should be kickin' ass.

All right, numb nuts, we got bikes to build!

All I want is a little cooperation, thats all!

I'm aggrivated to the max!

I'm in pain and numbnuts over there is whistling "Dixie". (about Paulie when he's drilling in the shop while Sr. has a toothache)

Come over here and turn around so I can smack you in the back of your head!

Serenity now, Mike!

Give me somethin' to throw at him, give me a hammer! (to Vinnie about Paulie)

It looks like a torture device.

What the hell is that?

When you've got guys like Vin, Rick, and Cody involved, you know you've got the best of the best.

Don't screw it up. ( to Mikey)

I'm gonna kill him. (about all the guys at one point)

Can u shut the camera off so you dont see me beating the f*** outta him? (about Paulie)

see that foot? that's how i get things done around here: size twelve's.

you're an idiot.

get the camera outta my face.

rick! what the heck are you doing over there? now your drawing too?

We like surprises

wheres the rabbit?


frag-il-ley! It's an Italian Motor.

You're the biggest slob I ever met (to Paulie)

We've got Larry Mo and Curly out there changing the tire (about Paulie, Mikey and Vinnie)


If Rick did it, it would look like a spaceship not something u'd see under the sink!

(arguing).... i'm sorry that I spit on you but......(arguing cont.)