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Like his partner in crime Christian, Nick, 25, does bike assembly and service on OCC's customer bikes. But what does he like best about his job? And how did Nick first come into contact with Paulie and Paul Sr.?

Hey, we didn't know until we asked, either.


Q: Were you always into motorcycles? What about cars?


A: I've been into motorcycles my entire life. I like cars, but I wouldn't say I'm "into" them. I think two wheels are better than four.


Q: Did you learn to build stuff yourself, or did you take classes? Do you work on cars or bikes outside your job?


A: I learned to assemble custom motorcycles from a master mechanic in Daytona Beach. I only work on my own cars, and I'll work on any motorcycle I can get my hands on.


Q: What was your first "real" job? Any other jobs before OCC?


A: The answer to both those questions is Pompano Pat's in Daytona Beach, Fla.


Q: When did you start working at OCC? How did you find out about them?


A: I've been at OCC for about two years, but I've been working for them for about three years (at the last four Daytona Bike Weeks). They used to display their bikes out of the shop I worked in. I became their mechanic for northern Florida.


Q: What exactly do you do there? Has your role changed at all since you started? What about since the show started filming?


A: I do bike assembly and service. My role really hasn't changed at all since I started or since filming.


Q: About how many bikes do you work on a year?


A: As many as they can sell, but on average about two to three a week.


Q: What's your favorite thing about working at OCC? Your least favorite?


A: My favorite thing is test riding the bikes. My least favorite is being interviewed on camera.


Q: How often do you get to work on the theme bikes? Do you have a favorite so far?


A: I work on the theme bikes whenever they need me to. I can't pick a favorite theme bike, but my favorite OCC bike is one we built for Shane Blanchfield, mainly because of the paint job and because it's really fast.


Q: Do you ride yourself? If so, what do you ride?


A: Yes. Aside from riding almost all of OCC's bikes, I also ride an RM250, EX500, XR80, BW200 and a 450Z.


Q: What year were you born? Where are you from originally?


A: I was born in May 1978, and I'm originally from Pennsylvania.


Q: Any plans for the future? Like, do you want to open your own shop one day?


A: In the future I'd like the opportunity to be a part of a cross-country bike race with all of the custom motorcycle shops in the United States.









From Discovery Channel :: American Chopper