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Misc. Quotes



Mikey (on the phone): Hello, Orange County Choppers.
Customer: Hi, I bought a hat from you .
Mikey: Thank You (and hangs up the phone)

Mikey: Orange County Choppers.
Customer: Is Paul there?
Mikey: Sr. or Jr. ?
Customer: Sr.
Mikey: No
Customer: is Jr there?
Mikey: Nope
Customer: Nobody's in?
Customer: When will they be in today?
Mikey: (after much hesitation looks at clock) Umm, ohhh . . . oh boy. Uh, prolli around 2:25
Customer: What time is it out there?
Mikey: 2:25

Jay Leno: Teutul heads on deck.

Will Smith: A great ma once said, I've got to get me one of these (when he went riding on one of OCC's choppers with Sr and Jr.

Paul Sr.: Mikey, get your fat ass upstairs and find my drill bits.
Mikey: I want you to apologize for calling me fat.
Paul Sr.: I apologize for calling you fat. Now get your fat ass up there and find my f******' bits!

Mikey: Ooooohhh what do we have here?!! DRILLBITS!!
Sr: Now how did those get there?"
Mikey:Ohhhhh I think its a conspiracy Dad, they were planted by the CIA!

Paul Sr.: That seat's gonna look ridiculous with just a picture of me on it.
Mikey: Well who the hell sent him a picture of just you?
Paul Jr.: It's gonna look ridiculous.
Mikey: I don't care. Every time I sit on it, I'll just... I'll fart.

Mikey: Dad, I'm here to kick your ass!
Paul Sr.: Oh yeah, why me?
Mikey: 'Cuz I'm STRESSED.

[Debating a detail on the Fireman's Bike... ]
Mikey: You guys want me to hold it on there while you fight about it?
Paul Sr.: [laughing] You know why you're here? You really know? To make me laugh. That's the only reason you're here.
Mikey Ok. So, let's get this f****** bike together!

Sr:There's Tools everywhere..LOOK
Jr: thats a tool tray!

Mikey: Minus one stroke if you hit the mower
Vin: Ok, minus two if you hit him in the head
Mikey: What happens if we kill him? (about Vinnie's brother John)

Vinnie: "Who cut the zip tie?"
Mikey: "It was Cody!" (though it was really mikey)

Sr:"What are we,doctors?"
Paulie: "Paging Dr.Herman!"

Sr: "Where's Vinnie?"
Paulie: "He's giving birth"
Sr: "Fire him".

Sr: "Is this going to be painful?

Mikey: "Yes..very."

Sr: Why do you do stupid things like that?"

Jr: I learned it from watching you dad.

Sr: Where the heck have you been?

Jr: I was out...I had to hang this stuff.

Sr: Yeah, well get your butt in here and THEN you can hang whatever you want. You can can hang yourself!

Mikey: We were in love. It was autumn; a day much like today . . . overcast . . .

Vinnie: You can't tell me this while I'm working.

Sr: "Where'd that screw go?"

Mikey: "It's to the left."

Sr: "Where?"

Mikey: "I don't know."

Sr: We're on a roll code kickin ass and takin names. You don't wanna be on that list do you?

Cody (with a smile): No.

Sr: I didn't think so.

Mikey: "Dad,are we there yet?"

Sr: "Shut up,Mikey!"

Sr: Vinnie, you're fired.
Vinnie: But I still got to come to work?

Sr: You're damn right you do.

Sr: Talk is Cheap

Jr: Well, stop talking.

Sr: No, you need to stop talking and get to gettin'.

Mikey: How was your trip?

Sr:Great, alot better then being here talking to you

Vinnie: Do you want to help?

Mikey: Not really.

Sr: ay yi yi yi yi

Jr: Yah yah yah yah

Jr: Think thats true vin?

Vinnie: No comment

Jr: He just loves to complain about absolutly anything (about sr)

Vinnie: No comment

Vinnie: Where was he? (about Paulie not being at work yet)

Sr: He over slept, His alarm clock was set wrong not that he has one. He ain't been late in a week... It's ok. When he walks in, I'll give him a hug

Paul Jr.: Snap-on
Vinnie: Snap-off

(sr and jr arguing)
Sr: You weren't even a twinkle in my eye..
Jr: Twinkle Dinkle Dinkle

Sr: I'm an inspiration
Jr: More like an instigation

Mikey: How come you didn't know that?
Jr: Cause Daddy's smarter than us
Mikey: I knew! Does that make me smarter than you

Mikey: Dad are we there yet