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Drinking Game


American Chopper, The Drinking Game




When someone days "Awesome," drink.

When someone says "incredible," drink.

In the unlikely event somone on the show should have the word "FAAAAAABulous" come out of their mouths, EVERYONE finishes their drink immediately.

When Big Paul calls Paul Junior "stupid," drink.

If Paul Junior comes back with "You're Crazy," drink again.

Drink whenever Mikey is shown.

Drink two if Mikey does something stupid.

Drink Three if Paul Sr. OR Junior hits Mikey in any way.

Drink when Big Paul is shown riding his chopper in a "pensive mood."

Drink two if he is doing a philosophical vioceover during the shot.

Drink three whenever Big Paul is shown slumming it by riding his Harley Davidson.

Drink four if he's riding his HD and talking about how relaxing it is.

On road trip, drink every time ANYONE mentions:

how nice it is to get away.

how hard it is to be on the road.

how the trip is a great way to catch up on sleep.

When Cody is shown working on a bike, drink.

Drink Two when Big Paul gives Cody a fatherly hug or advice.

Drink Two Paul Jr. acknowledges Cody's existence.

If a fireman is shown with the "Fire bike", drink.

If he's got the Dalmatian with him, drink two.

If there is ALSO an actual fire truck shown in the background, finish your drink.

Whenever Paul Jr. yells as Big Paul about how he never does any work. Drink.

When Big Paul comes back with something about "I could come out of retirement and work circles around you," drink yet again.

Drink everytime an object gets thrown.

Drink whenever someone slams a door.

Drink Three if the person slamming the door is Vinnie.

Drink when Paul Jr. Test rides a new chopper.

Drink two if the voiceover is Paul Jr. talking about how special the bike is.

Dink whenever someone punches that punchy-dummy thingie.

Drink if someone gets a new tattoo.

If Mikey ever gets his motorcycle license in an episode, drink it down! Drink the whole thing! w00t for Mikey!

Drink whenever Paul Jr. says "sick".

You should take a drink anytime Mike, Paul Jr., Paul Sr., or Vinny says, "But I gotta be honest with you."

Drink anytime anyone uses the word "fabricate."

Drink everytime someone says, "I gatta tell ya"

Drink two if Paul Sr. invoked his feet by not only saying they are big, but their exact size. (Size 12).

Drink whenever Paul Sr. Threatens to start kicking some butt.

Drink once everytime Paul Sr. says, IDEAR

Drink once everythime Paul Sr. calls Paulie numbnuts

Drink twice everytime Yahtzee is said

Drink once anytime Vinnie is picked on by Jr and Mikey

Drink once if anyone is yelling , drink twice if it is Mikey. Drink the whole thing if it is Vinnie or Rick yelling