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As you may know, 25-year-old Christian does the final assembly and service on all of OCC's customer bikes. And you may have noticed that when time is tight, he helps out Paul Jr. and Vinnie on theme bikes as well, the Leno Bike being one example.

But do you know how Christian came to work for OCC? No?

Well, read on, then.


Q: Were you always into motorcycles? What about cars?


A: I have been into and riding motorcycles since I was about 6 years old; they've always fascinated me. I get a big thrill out of riding a bike that I have never ridden.


I also have a love for cars. Stock is never good enough for me; mods are always good.


Q: Did you learn to build stuff yourself, or did you take classes? Do you work on cars or bikes outside your job?


A: I learned to fix motorcycles and cars by taking them apart and breaking them. I could never afford to get them fixed as a kid, so I would always pull them apart and attempt to fix them even if I didn't know what I was doing.


I also attended the American Motorcycle Institute (AMI) in Daytona Beach; I graduated in 2001.


Generally, I only work on my own bikes outside of OCC usually my dirt bikes and quad.


Q: What was your first "real" job? Any other jobs before OCC?


A: I had several jobs before OCC, including positions at two motorcycle dealerships, where I gained a lot of experience.


The other jobs I've had are not worth mentioning.


Q: When did you start working at OCC? How did you find out about them?


A: I started working at OCC in September 2002, just after Discovery shot the pilot show with the Jet Bike.


As for how I came to work for them, Nick, who had been working there for a couple of months, called me up and asked me if I wanted to work there. We had been roommates in Florida and friends for a while.


Q: What exactly do you do there? Has your role changed at all since you started? What about since the show started filming?


A: I do all of the final assembly and service on all of the customer bikes. I occasionally help Paul Jr. and Vinnie with the assembly on the theme bikes.


My job title has pretty much been the same since I have been there, and the filming hasn't changed things much.


Q: About how many bikes do you work on a year?


A: Nick and I built about 150 bikes last year. Each one is assembled and test ridden by us. We also perform all of the service needed on the bikes.


Q: What's your favorite thing about working at OCC? Your least favorite?


A: My favorite thing about working at OCC is the test riding for sure. There is nothing better than getting to ride five or six times a week for about 40 miles a time.


I don't really have a least favorite thing; everyone who works at OCC is great, and we get along well.


Q: How often do you get to work on the theme bikes? Do you have a favorite so far?


A: I work on the theme bikes whenever time is a main concern. Paul Jr. will ask me to come and help out to get the bike done quicker.


My favorite bike is probably the Black Widow.


Q: Do you ride yourself? If so, what do you ride?


A: I ride almost every day customer bikes.


I still like Japanese bikes; I had one stolen from me last summer. But I have two dirt bikes now, and one quad that I ride all of the time.


Q: Where are you from?


A: I was born and raised on the Jersey Shore, the Asbury Park area. I live in New York now, but I'm still missin' Jersey.


Q: Any plans for the future?


A: My plans for the future are to ride bikes, ride bikes and of course ... ride bikes.





From Discovery Channel :: American Chopper