One of OCC's Newest Fabricators and metal workers.

During the Fabrication of the bike for the Lance Armstrong Foundation bike Rick got his hand caught in a drill press. (early summer 2004).

Bridging the gap between the theme bikes upstairs and the customer bikes downstairs, Rick Petko describes himself as a cross between Paulie and Vinnie.

"I don't have quite the creativity that [Paulie] has, but I've got some," he says. "Vinnie's really good in other areas that Paulie's not, and vice versa, so I feel like I fit right in the middle."

TV coverage may create some stresses that don't exist downstairs among the customers' bikes, but Rick says he feels less pressure working on the hig-profile theme bikes.

"On the show you have more of a plan for what you're going to be doing," he says. He sees the Chopper bikes as more collaborative. "I like getting a lot of people's input. I ask Vinnie and Paulie, even Cody and Mikey, a lot of things, which is nice."

However,on television at least, Rick has worked most closely with senior. "I'm more his boy," he admits with typical self-deprecation. "We've got a certain kind of relationship."

Source: American Choppers at Full Throttle




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